The (Continuing) Troubles of a Certain Mr A and his Solar Return for 2016-17

The saga of Mr A continues concerning a fiery relationship forged during 2010-2012 which, according to his Firdaria, in late 2016-17 has real potential not only to lead to violent situations, but also to destroy all that he has achieved in life (and more).

Let’s see what his 2016-17 Solar Return chart has to say  – (no birth time so house placement is not accurate hence it is impossible to determine which areas of the life will be most affected) :

Mr A solar return

Summary – a challenging year full of angry thoughts and communications as well as emotional blackmail that is likely result in a divorce or separation, reduced finances, and an an unpleasant, emotional wake-up call. This is not to say that this change of circumstances will be unwelcome. Although getting through the year will be frustrating, if Mr A can accept that he, and he alone, is responsible for the situation in which he finds himself and resists the temptation to ‘go off the rails’ (so to speak), this could all work out for the better in the long run – but only if he avoids loosing self-control.


SR (Solar Return) Sun is the most important planet in the SR chart and shows where Mr A will expend the greatest amount of energy in during the year. SR Neptune conjunct SR Sun suggests Mr A will experience a growing sensitivity and compassion to others.

Equally it suggests that he will be confronted with (or involved in) alcoholism, drug abuse, and dependency issues. This is likely to be combined with an inability or refusal to curb his ego needs in consideration of others.

Because Jupiter is also involved (by opposition), Mr A could expect excessive (and potentially foolhardy) behavior either from others or from himself. This is a time when he most needs to get control of his personal ego but unfortunately it is a time when he will find this harder than ever to achieve.

SR Saturn, which ought to help him gain an accurate perception of the reality of his situation, is in square aspect and will have difficulty doing its job and hence Mr A may be tempted to refuse to accept responsibility for his situation. Because SR Jupiter (optimism and expansion) is in square (hard) aspect, this in turn could well lead to frustration, isolation, and loneliness. Just when self-discipline is most needed, it will be hardest to achieve.


SR Venus either deals with relationships and finances and because SR Uranus is in close sextile aspect to SR Venus, Mr A can likely expect significant changes in both. Because of the sextile aspect, such changes are likely to occur without much effort and in some regards may be considered beneficial. Venus in close sextile with Saturn also suggests reductions in the funds available during this period. Because of the sextile, this also won’t be considered an undue burden even though the involvement of Uranus suggests that such reductions may be significant and come, perhaps, as a bit of a surprise. Divorce or separation is indicated – but again, this will probably not unwelcome nor will it come as a complete surprise.


SR Moon indicates where the emotional focus of Mr A will be during this period and conjunct Pluto, and this suggests a rather unpleasant emotional wake-up call. Mr A can expect to deal with persons who are not always rational and also who are prone to emotional manipulation and power plays. Mr A may himself be tempted to join in this game but with Pluto involved, this is not advisable because all too often such tactics backfire – big time. During this time Mr A should strive to be as straightforward as possible under what will undoubtedly be difficult circumstances.


SR Mercury suggests the mental condition of Mr A during the year as well as what he will be thinking about. With SR Mars in tight square with SR Mercury, Mr A is in for a fiery ride – substantial mental energy expended in, well let’s face it, being angry and in prolonged and heated conflict that might well feel as if it is going nowhere.

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