Solar Return – Happy Birthday Ms S

Summary – the primary focus this 2016-17 year will be on finances and if this is to turn out well for Ms S, it is imperative that Ms S seek good, solid, impartial financial advice – re: a professional financial advisor – ASAP. This is not a time for Ms to follow her intuitions. It is also likely that Ms S will move house (i.e. changes in her domestic situation) during this period and that this will result in her feeling emotionally isolated. If this is the case, then there is a good chance that such feelings will be the result of the unconscious and/or repressed anger of close family members who are not happy with the domestic changes.


Sun –  arguably, the SR Sun is the most significant planet in the SR chart. Because it is placed in the 2nd house, this suggests that Ms S will expend a good deal of energy during the year on her finances.ria-sr-2016-17

Generally, this 2nd house placement does not suggest monetary gain. Instead, it often suggests a lack of funds. Because VE is the natural ruler of the 2nd, her placement in conjunction with Pluto, suggests if Ms S does lack funds, this may be related to intense, compelling emotional involvements. Indeed, these relationships are likely to come with their own set of complicated financial issues. Because the conjunction between VE and PLU is extremely close (within 22 minutes of arc), it will be very difficult – if not impossible- for Ms S to step back and rationally assess her situation.

Because this SR Sun is in square (hard) aspect to Neptune, 2016-17 will be a time of illusion and confusion for Ms S – especially in regards to her financial situation. Self-deception could well be her biggest enemy and because SR NE is in the 4th house, such deception is likely to be related to her home. It is vital that regarding financial matters, Ms S does not take any action before first obtaining good, solid, impartial professional advice (SR ME is closely conjunct SR SA in the 2nd house). Indeed, it would be prudent for her to consult a financial advisor as soon as possible in order to make prospective,  positive changes (SR Uranus is trine SR ME/SA) so as to ensure her a stable and secure income for the future. In regards to finances, now is not the time to for Ms S to rely solely on intuition or even the advice of close friends or family. A trusted – impartial – qualified advisor is an absolute necessity.


Moon – the SR Moon is about emotional focus and in the 12th house, Ms S may find herself feeling unusually alone and or/ emotionally overwhelmed. SR Moon in the 12th house is common for those who have recently moved house and have not yet had the opportunity to build strong emotional connections in their new location.

Indeed, with SR Uranus (UR) in opposition, it is highly likely that Ms S will make such significant changes in her domestic situation. Further, because SR UR is in opposition to her SR JU/MO, such changes may well feel like they were her own idea. Although with SR JU involved, (in sextile with SR Mercury), she any feelings of loneliness will not be from her lack of trying to make friends. She will be extremely charming (SR MO in Libra). But with SR Mars in aspect to the SR MO/JU, such attempts by Ms S to move into her new social circle may provoke strong argumentative reactions not only from current members of that circle but also from close family members (SR MA in SR IC/cusp of 4th house) who may be displeased with her new domestic situation.

With her natal ASC falling in the SR 12th house, it is highly likely that Ms S will feel as if she must remake herself into a new image to match her new domestic circumstances.

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