Donald Trump – astro basics you can’t afford to ignore

There’s no sense in asking why Donald Trump embraces alternative truths – and there’s no sense in demanding him to do otherwise.

As you can see from his natal chart, he has Neptune square Mercury and in the words of some of my excellent astrological colleagues  – ‘this aspect indicates a difficulty with an overactive imagination interfering with rational and logical processes of thought – which can result in self-deception and the construction of a private version of truth and reality’.In the words of another excellent astrological colleague, this aspect also ‘suggests problems with concentration and stretching the truth (consciously and/or not)’.


unknown-1Likewise, there’s no sense asking why Trump is  dominated by his (male) ego – look at his Mars in Leo – right there on the Ascendent (his door to the world) – how, with that,  could you expect him to behave otherwise? According to my excellent astrological colleagues, with Mars in Leo, the ego is tied up with action such that anything Mars in Leo undertakes becomes a source of great personal pride; when all goes well with such undertakings, the world is bright. When all does not go well….  let’s just say it’s difficult for Mars in Leo not to be on a mission of great personal significance. Likewise, it is difficult for Mars in Leo not be be/appear ‘oversexed’. Apparently, although most Mars in Leo folks are often self-righteous and quarrelsome, the more sophisticated of the lot can be kindly leaders.

imagesIs Donald Trump sophisticated?

According to the OED, sophistication requires an ‘awareness of and ability to interpret’ complex issues. Based on this definition, I’d have to say Donald Trump is not (and cannot be) sophisticated. This is because (among other things) with Leo on his ASC, his chart ruler is his Sun in Gemini.

Let’s face it – however clever, sociable, and communicative is Gemini, he also has a relatively short attention span. For Gemini, the world is either black or white – after all we could expect nothing else when dealing with the sign of the twins – Keywords for Gemini : talkative, mental, adaptable, flexible, changeable, responsive, sociable, superficial.

Interestingly, Trump’s Gemini Sun is conjunct Uranus which suggests he answers to no one except himself. OK –  Sun/Uranus often makes a great reformer – and we need definitely those. The problem is that this configuration also suggests someone who stubbornly sticks to his own ideas and resents anyone who tries to push him into doing what he does not want to do.

Not my idea of sophistication – at least as defined by the OED – which requires an ability to deal with complex issues.

But to be fair, Donald Trump also has his Moon in Sagittarius and this suggests that he is a ‘great lover of truth’ – at least in the sense of philosophical wisdom. This is a very upbeat and positive, forward looking energy. The problem is however, with Moon Sagittarius, when the going gets rough, these folk get going – i.e. run away. Uncomfortable when caught up in routine for too long, they simply need to escape. Although they’ll be back when they feel refreshed and when their spirits are renewed, I suggest this is not what we need in a president.

Donald Trump also has his Sun in opposition to his Moon which suggests an internal struggle between his wants and needs – this leads to indecisiveness and frequent change of both mind and heart. An excellent astrological colleague suggests that to resolve this tension, we look for a planet to sextiles or trines this Moon/Sun configuration and not surprisingly, we find this with Mr Trump’s Mars in Leo – self-righteous and quarrelsome – and a huge (male) ego.images

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  1. Hi. A delightful read. I looked up his numerology chart. He is something! We in the states (really, most of us) are unsure what will turn the tables since Pence is guaranteed to be worse! I enjoy your posts. How do I get you to answer a question for me? Thanks.

    1. Hi – thanks for your warm words – I am in process of setting up an astrology practice whereby I will be able to answer questions as you’ve suggested- that is a bit delayed thigh as I’ve actually been quite ill with the flu and complications- a first for me – ever had the flu before in my life! I will let you know and make announcement on the blog – I’m thinking 1 April looks likely. Thanks again, best, Debra (btw – what does his numerology chart say?🙀)

      1. I ran a full profile on Decoz Numerology. It was pretty precise, he displays just about every emotion and potential described. Too much to send here. One interesting factor is he has no karmic debt in this lifetime. My personal theory is that you have no karmic lessons, when you do wrong in this life, you receive the negative impact immediately. I know a few people with no debt, who treated people wrong, and their fortunes changed.

      2. Fascinating- I’ve not done too much with numerology- but I’ve heard good things about it – will definitely investigate re: karma – some astrology folks believe this shows up in the natal chart with aspects from the outer planets (Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto ) – I’ll have a look at his chart for that and if I find anything interesting will do a post – I’d also be happy to answer a question for you now if you like – I’m home on sick leave until mid February and need some fun things to keep me busy – also the astrologers near me have been predicting big events around 21 August re: trump and US based on an eclipse and then Pluto stationary for 40 some days at 16 Cap – haven’t had time to look into this myself as I got the flu and then pneumonia (first and hopefully last time I’ve ever been this ill)

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  3. Had a look at the Decoz Numerology site – was wondering what you meant by running a full profile? Does this require downloading the app? Interesting – thanks.

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