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Today and Tomorrow are Five of Swords Days

Clearly someone in this card has been ill-treated – abused or betrayed or otherwise taken advantage of and because this card is one of separation, there’s a sense of disgrace and alienation. Most will see in this card a win/lose situation where a odious victor has vanquished his two rather pathetic opponents.

Today you can win back your dignity and self respect

With the sun in Aquarius  (breakthrough and reform ) and the moon in Libra (  harmony and peace), today is Six of Swords Day.  It is also the first day we’ve seen the sun in Oxford for some time. The Six of Swords is not a happy card.  Yet it does suggest some sense of harmony resulting from coming to terms with yourself.  Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.  But in today’s world of constant competition, it is all to easy to identify with what you do wrong rather than what you do right. The serene state suggested by…