Coming up soon – Page of Wands Days

With the sun in Cancer (creativity and feeling) and the sun in Sagittarius (intuition and optimism), Thursday and Friday are Page of Wands days.

The Page of Wands represents inspired inspiration in its most fragile form. There’s a stirring of possibilities that we know may, in the end, not work out at all. This often manifests as restlessness at work or a vague feeling of dissatisfaction that’s not yet strong enough to motivate change.

This initial influx of new ideas and fantasies are innocent enough. But the big question is what to do with them?

Nothing for now.

The key to making the most of a Page of Wands day is to sit back and be what I like to call ‘a student of life’. Ask yourself questions like how much your present circumstance reflect the real you? Does your job or relationships give ample opportunity to explore and express those things you hold most dear? Are you living your life as you want it to be or are you living a pre-programmed script (either societal or parental)?

You may find yourself not completely satisfied with the answers to these questions. Yet be rest assured that this is not yet the time to act.

Instead, take stock of the intuitions you have on a Page of Wands day, jot them down in a notebook or your diary, and nurture them over the coming months or even years. For rather than being guidelines of how to structure your ‘now’, they are harbingers of things yet to come.


Today is an Eight of Cups Day – one big soppy mess

With the sun in Cancer (emotions and roots) and the moon in Scorpio  (death or transformation), today is an Eight of Cups day.

On a divinatory level, the Eight of Cups suggests the necessity of giving something up.  Some sad truth must be faced about something or someone.  No further action can be taken.  We’ve run out of moves.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy is associated with Hod, the eighth sephira representing intellect and reasoning.

Hod is also home to Mercury – the winged messenger god whose job it is to fly back and forth between heaven and earth carrying communications of every kind.   But with the sun and moon both in water signs – we simply can’t expect Mercury do his best job wearing scuba gear.

Hence on an Eight of Cups day we struggle to come to grips with our emotions.  We find it impossible to understand why at some basic level we fail to be of good cheer.   Perhaps it’s just existential angst and we hope that it is.  But nonetheless we remain engulfed in an infinite and inexplicable sadness that we just can’t shake off – no matter how hard we try.

Thus on an Eight of Cups day we come face to face with disillusionment – that something or someone has failed to live up to our ideals.  Stuck in a muddy rut – we find ourselves angry yet impotent to implement change.

No longer able to reason it all away, we must make  a choice – either let go of that someone or something or let go of our dreams.


The Summer Solstice and the Portal of Mortals

“Today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year.   From here we start the long, slow slog to darkness, which culminates at the winter solstice when the sun does its annual ‘about face’ to again, favour us with its warming rays.

As markers of our seasons, the solstices have long been the subject of magic and myth.  Even in our scientifically oriented times – if approached with an enquiring spirit, these ancient ideas can inform much about our relationship with the world.

In a letter to a wealthy patron, the renowned Renaissance philosopher and astrologer, Marsilio Ficino, addressed the esoteric significance of the summer solstice, which marks the sun’s entrance into the zodiac sign Cancer:

“Ancient theologians said that souls (animae) go into lower things through Cancer, the domicile of Luna.  For since by a disposition to generation they come into a region subject to generation, appropriately they were thought to make their way through the zone of Luna which favours generation.  Therefore the ancients called Cancer the gateway of mortals.”

And so according to the ancients, it’s through the portal of the summer solstice that heavenly souls incarnate into the earth plane.   Indeed, the sign of Cancer is still associated with lunar functions like mothering and nurturing the tender and young.

Kabbalistically, the moon is associated with the ninth sephira Yesod, which corresponds to the organs of reproduction.  Because of its central position in the Kabblistic Tree,  Yesod participates simultaneously in the worlds of both body and spirit thereby bridging the gap between the impersonal world of the archetypes and our most intimate selves.

But because Yesod is also associated with the concept of Maya or illusion, it is a place where we can easily go astray.  Maya literally means ‘that which is not’.  For example, at twilight is it not easy to mistake a rope for a snake and thereby summon inappropriate and unnecessary fears?

For this reason perhaps the most important lesson to learn at the summer solstice is that not everything is as it seems.   At this sacred time , we can all too well see that the light force is at its strongest.  Yet how many of us take time to comtemplate that within this moment already lies the seed of solar decay.

So today, take time to honour not only the sun’s zenith, but  the entirety of its cycle.  In doing so, you make a conscious step toward making most of your incarnation through the portal of mortals which likewise, has both a beginning and an end.


Today is a Two of Swords Day – Prepare to see things as they really are.

With the sun in Gemini (where we learn that dichotomies like dark/light and good/bad – are but two sides of the same coin) and (2) the moon in Libra (where we often find ourselves in a stalemate) today is a Two of Swords day.

On a divinatory level, the Two of Swords suggests we’re trying to preserve the status quo at all costs.  But if only we’d look close enough, we’d see we’re clutching at straws – for the sands beneath our feet are shifting as surely as day slips into night and back again into day.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy is grounded in the second sephira, Chokmah otherwise known as Wisdom.  Each phase of evolution commences with an unstable force proceeding through organisation to find equilibrium.  Yet once this balance is achieved, no further progress is possible without first overturning the apple cart to make room for change.

That for which we strive on a Two of Swords day is no less earth-shattering than the knowledge acquired by Adam and Eve upon taking that fateful bite from the apple.  Without knowing dark we how can we know light?  Without knowing bad how can we know good?

Try describing black without mentioning white.  It’s pretty hard, if not impossible, to do.  Yet unless you’re to live in the stalemate of the Two of Swords this is precisely what you must do.

On a Two of Swords day you have an opportunity to take off your blindfold and read the writing on the wall.  Maybe everyone but you knows your job is at risk, your partner is unfaithful, or your best friend is spreading lies.  Someplace in your life, something isn’t working and you’ve chosen not to know.

Today you can take the first step toward fixing that something so that it does.


Today is a Six of Wands Day – that’s right – lots of hot air!

With the sun in Gemini (air) and the moon in Leo (fire) it’s a Six of Wands day. When fire and air combine, you get just what you might think – lots of hot air.

A Six of Wands day may find you soaring to new heights through a well deserved pat on the back or maybe even a promotion.

Equally however, you might just get kick in the face for excessive pride.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy puts us smack in the middle of the Tree – in the sixth sephira, Tiferet, the place of the heart. Tiferet is where the higher, lighter energies from the top of the Tree (soul) meet with the richer, darker energies from the lower (ego). Tiferet is where we come face to face with our humanity – warts and all.

To make the best of today’s energy, take yourself and your ‘accomplishments’ with a grain of salt. Of course you deserve acknowledgement for all your hard work. Don’t we all?

But in modern Western cosmology while soul tends to soft peddle, the ego drives hard. Ego has very specific needs and desires. Ego is very demanding. Ego makes lots of noise.

In Tiferet we’re encouraged to put aside ego for a time in order to make room for soul. This isn’t as easy as it might sound.

And so with the Six of Wands, we discover that while success feels fantastic – it is indeed fleeting or worse  – for at the end of the day, despite being rewarded for our efforts, we’re still faced with a lot of hard work.


Be forewarned – it’s a Seven of Swords Day

The good news is the sun is still in Gemini.

Slightly less good news is that the moon and Mercury are there with it.  This is the triple whammy of mutable air.[1] Thus today and tomorrow are Seven of Swords days.

On a divinatory level, the Seven of Swords heralds a time when to achieve your goals it’s necessary to use guile, tact, diplomacy, and wit rather than the more usual strong-armed approach.  In other words, attack your problem laterally rather than head-on.

In some circles, the Seven of Swords smacks of questionable ethics – i.e. ends justify means.   In part this is true, because the intellect (represented by swords) when devoid as it is of feelings, can be very cold and manipulative indeed.

Yet when the energy of Seven of Swords is applied with a playful creativity, you might just come up with a workable solution to a problem for which previously there had been none.  Indeed, this is quite likely as seven is the number of victory; it heralds just rewards for hard work.

However to succeed with this energy you must take certain precautions.

For the Kabbalist, the secret name for the Seven of Swords is “Unstable Effort”, and indeed with all tarot ‘sevens’, you will certainly stir up some conflict.  The point is that you must be prepared to deal with this openly and honestly.  To do otherwise would be to slip into the dark side of this energy – a place you do not want to be.

But nonetheless, if on a Seven of Swords day you defend your position with conviction, courage, and clarity, you can expect to succeed in your goal.


[1] Each of the four astrological elements (earth, air, water, and fire) presents itself in the zodiac in one of three modalities or ways of being – cardinal, fixed, and mutable.

The modalities work as follows: in cardinal mode, the energy first forms and presents itself – usually with a forthright bang.  In fixed, the energy holds steady.  It’s just what the package says – fixed – stable – unmoving as a brick wall.  In mutable the energy disintegrates and disperses – getting ready for cycle to repeat again and again.

For example, the element of fire in Aries is cardinal – bright and strong with intent, energy, and little or no control (have you ever known an Aries to stand still for long?).  In Leo (fixed fire) the energy is controlled and steady like the hearth fire, which warms us and cooks our food.  In Sagittarius (mutual fire) the energy is scattered as sparks from the fire, spiralling outwards and upwards until it melts away in the great beyond.


Mercury in Gemini – a Gift from the Gods

Today Mercury, the planet of connections and communication, moves into its sign of ruler ship, Gemini, where it remains until the end of this month.

We may think we already know all there is to know about connections and communication – after all we’re post-modern aficionados with our iPods and iPhones and of course… there’s the internet.

But for the next fifteen days, the message of Mercury isn’t just about texting your friends where to meet up for drinks.  Instead it’s about how to make connections in a completely different realm – that of the Gods.

Long ago, a Zen master put it this way…. “(t)his floating world is but a phantasm.   It is momentary smoke.”

Mercury is represented by the second of major arcana tarot, The Magician, also known as the Creator and Trickster.   In this aspect, Mercury relates the creative principle behind duality – black and white – right and wrong.    Mercury’s truth lies beyond appearances – Mercury’s truth is that all elements and energies are one.  Air is fire, is earth, is rabbits, is pigeons, is water, is ONE!  All are whole and all are holy.

The implications of this are massive.  Once we come to grips with Mercury’s message, we no longer spend our days filled with the fear of tomorrow and the regrets of yesterday.  Instead, once we’ve integrated the message of Mercury, we are free to live in the creative moment of the ever present now.  Know that it’s only in the now that we can touch the timeless world of the Gods.

Such is the power of the human intellect and imagination – which for the next two weeks will be enormously fertile.  During this period we are instinctively attuned to what some may call miracles – those astounding instances where the inner workings of our psyches collide with actual events in the material world.

For the next two weeks, Mercury asks you to pay special attention to events that seem to happen out of the blue – perhaps an unexpected letter from a childhood friend or a job offer arrives from thin air.  Be rest assured there’s more to these coincidences than meets the eye – never, ever take them at their face value.  Mercury requires you to do whatever is needed to puzzle through them; this could take some time.  But be rest assured that something of great value rests within them; make whatever effort is required to find it.

An old alchemical maxim teaches: “(w)hat the soul imagines happens only in the mind, but what God imagines happens in reality.”

With Mercury in Gemini, the hidden truth behind the “momentary smoke” of our Zen master erupts into consciousness – giving you a treasured glimpse into of the world of the Gods.


Saturn in Libra – Watch the Fur Fly!

Nearly 18 years of years of serious societal dysfunction will have reached its peak during the period 2010-2012.  Losses of homes, jobs, and high personal debt will have brought many relationships to their breaking point.

On 30 October 2009, Saturn (the ‘get real’ factor) entered Libra (relationships) where it will remain (except during a dip back into Virgo from April – July this year) until early October 2012.   The impact on society, families, personal relationships, and marriages will be devastating.

Get ready to watch the fur fly.

Since 2007, the divorce rate has fallen dramatically because of the economic crisis. “It is very hard to refinance right now and many people are being forced to just stay put,” says one divorce lawyer.

Expect this to continue until mid July this year when Saturn begins its 2 1/2 year transit through Libra in earnest, during which time separations, annulments and divorces will rise significantly (especially during Mars’ transit through Libra from 30 July – 14 September 2010) generating substantial economic and psychological debris.

With Saturn, the “fear” factor always plays a significant role: fear of aging, fear of change, fear of the future – all of which are bugbears of huge chunks of Western society now faced with having to “let go” of those material things in life to which they’ve given much more importance than they deserved.

Personal happiness is the foundation of happy relationships and Saturn in Libra means to teach us that rather being an entitlement, happiness is hard work.

The most important thing you can do now is to focus on those relationships in your life that feature good old common sense and a return to the core values that make human relationships enjoyable.

We all need to take positive steps to counter the negative impact of a decade of the culture of “fear”.  The best way to do this is through “downtime” for BOTH children and adults in order to re-discover personal values for yourself and your family.  In other words, take time out of life to smell the roses.

Another way to make the best of Saturn’s transit through Libra is to reduce the amount of clutter and distraction in your life.  Take time off the Internet.  Watch less television and stop being distracted by pocketfuls of electronic gadgets.  With time and space to contemplate your life experience, you’ll gain wisdom, by which I mean the knowledge, insight, and good judgment required to live a full and satisfying life.  Saturn’s lessons are those of perseverance, commitment, and delayed gratification.

Learning these lessons are key to your ability to survive in the coming years as the effects of the economic crisis continues to have maximum impact on millions seeking to recover from the economic, social, professional, and personal damage that resulted from the internal fears of the collective that being projected negatively into the material world.

Times are changing.  There’s no turning back.  Transiting Uranus opposition to Saturn (April 2011- October 2012) assures that the “new” will win out over the “old’.

Good luck in the challenging times ahead and don’t forget we’re all in this together.


Today and Tomorrow are Seven of Cups Days

With the sun still in Gemini (ideas) and the moon moving to Taurus (desire), the tarot card for today and tomorrow is the Seven of Cups.

On a divinatory level, the Seven of Cups represents an emotionally charged situation where we’re overwhelmed with possibilities–faced not only with the challenge of choosing but also with acting realistically and responsibly in regards to our choice.

Unlike yesterday where the Moon was in Aries and our wildest dreams were possible, today and tomorrow we’ll discover that they weren’t and quite possibly, never will be.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy is the equivalent of the seventh sephira, Netzach.

The world of Netzach is one of instincts and emotions – of images existing only in the mind of man – projected there by his most urgent desires.

The world of Netzach rightly belongs to the artist.  It’s in Netzach that our minds conceive of images, which are best realized through art.  This is because art is a purpose-built construction to contain – and to make sacred – the chaotic inner workings of our minds.

But we all aren’t artists.  Thus on a Seven of Cups day , rather than making sacred our innermost yearnings, we’re more likely to behave like kids in the candy shop with our eyes much bigger than our stomachs.

The best advice for a Seven of Cups day is to hold steady.  Take a good look at what it is you really want most and then think again.

The best choices are made when our hearts and heads are in balance – and this just isn’t one of those days.


Today is an Ace of Wands Day

With the sun in Gemini (ideas) and the moon in Aries (action), the tarot card for today, 7 June 2010, is the Ace of Wands.

On a divinatory level, the Ace of Wands heralds a rush of creative energy not yet formulated into a specific goal or plan.  Instead, we feel a restlessness and dissatisfaction with present circumstances combined with the strong intuition that anything and everything is possible.

That’s exactly the problem.

For the Kabbalist, today’s energy is the equivalent of Kether (also known as Keter), where God’s self-creating aspect first enters the Tree of Life.  At this point,  by it’s very nature the creative force has no form.

It’s only with the next stage and the next and the next after that, that anything will ever come of that which inspires us today.

Yet with the energy so strong, there’s a temptation to rush out, willy nilly, to conquer the world leaving the ‘details’ to fall into place.

This is the danger of today.

One of the most important lessons the Kabbalah teaches us is that the world in which we live is a closed system; energy created can be transformed but it never goes away.

Therefore, we can either (1) take active, positive steps to the channel the energy of an Ace of Wands day into worldly success (be it a new project at our job or at home in the garden or maybe even the kitchen) or (2) let it turn sour and sit heavy in the pit of our psyche in the form of regret or failure.

Either way, today’s energy stays with us forever.

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