A Day of Thanksgiving & the Pilgrim’s Pride

Jupiter most certainly can be taken to suggest the religious beliefs of these pilgrims with Pluto representing the Church of England which, after which many gyrations (Catholic/Protestant and back again), they found to be impossibly corrupt.

UK General Election / 12 December 2019

Summary All change! The end of the current Conservative status quo is in sight but it won’t be pretty. Expect reputations ruined and careers terminated in a flurry of victimization, dirty deals, and scapegoating. The people will have soundly voted against the current government but things will not turn out as they’d hoped or expected.Continue reading “UK General Election / 12 December 2019”

Redundancy – yes, no, and how?

Question X has just received notification of the likelihood of redundancy in the near future after many years of devoted service. How is this likely to pan out? Summary The redundancy has not been well thought out by the employer and is likely to generate some heated discussion/arguments (internal). However it is likely to proceed withContinue reading “Redundancy – yes, no, and how?”