Ms S gets a new friend, Part II

Should this happen, it could leave both parties feeling emotionally drained. Another potential problem is that whilst one person endlessly gives (in this case, most likely it would be Ms S), the other person (Mr T) might endlessly take. If this dynamic remains unchecked as the relationship progresses, it could well prompt Ms S (the Moon person) to become increasingly more possessive – demanding more and more attention.

When the ‘sun is spent’…

One of the perennial philosophies asserts that only in eternity (i.e. God, Plato’s forms, Aristotelian essences) can constancy be found. All else is subject to mutability, change as the result of time. In Book Eleven of his Confessions, St Augustine questioned time in relation to God (the stable Truth) and His creation of the temporal world.Continue reading “When the ‘sun is spent’…”

A Day of Thanksgiving & the Pilgrim’s Pride

Jupiter most certainly can be taken to suggest the religious beliefs of these pilgrims with Pluto representing the Church of England which, after which many gyrations (Catholic/Protestant and back again), they found to be impossibly corrupt.