The Morality of Self-Interest

And oh, by the way, freedom cuts both ways – as Rousseau said several centuries ago, one can be ‘forced’ to be ‘free’ – and worse, one can be forced to obey ‘morally’ justified laws that he or she doesn’t like in order to protect the ‘freedom’ of others.

What is Politics?

Interesting question, what is politics – don’t you think? Apparently there are many possible definitions but the one with which I particularly resonate is all about POWER!  I’m thinking back to Orwell’s Animal Farm and the abuse of power through totalitarian propaganda because propaganda is how anyone stays in power (i.e. nation-state, head of household, corporate).   InContinue reading “What is Politics?”

Life, Liberty, and the Avoidance of Tyranny

Plato also teaches that bloated with desire to do whatever we wish – whenever we wish, (i.e. the American obsession with unlimited free speech and unmitigated gun control), the citizens of democracy will at last become so sensitive we no longer can endure ‘the yoke of laws’.