Survey your bounty – Today is a Three of Wands Day

With the sun in Cancer (containment) and the moon in Aries (entrepreneurial spirit), today is a Three of Wands day. On a divinatory level, the Three of Wands implies initial completion of some important project or idea.   The foundations have been laid – the first feedback is positive – there’s promise and potential – but…Read more »

It’s a Four of Cups Day – Beware too much of a good thing

With the sun in Cancer (feelings) and the moon in Pisces (divine discontent), today and tomorrow are Four of Cups days. On a divinatory level, a Four of Cups day signals a time of dissatisfaction, boredom, and perhaps even depression.  This can play out in any area of our lives, but no matter where, what,…Read more »

Coming up soon – Page of Wands Days

With the sun in Cancer (creativity and feeling) and the sun in Sagittarius (intuition and optimism), Thursday and Friday are Page of Wands days. The Page of Wands represents inspired inspiration in its most fragile form. There’s a stirring of possibilities that we know may, in the end, not work out at all. This often…Read more »

Today is an Eight of Cups Day – one big soppy mess

With the sun in Cancer (emotions and roots) and the moon in Scorpio  (death or transformation), today is an Eight of Cups day. On a divinatory level, the Eight of Cups suggests the necessity of giving something up.  Some sad truth must be faced about something or someone.  No further action can be taken.  We’ve…Read more »

Today is a Two of Swords Day – Prepare to see things as they really are.

With the sun in Gemini (where we learn that dichotomies like dark/light and good/bad – are but two sides of the same coin) and (2) the moon in Libra (where we often find ourselves in a stalemate) today is a Two of Swords day. On a divinatory level, the Two of Swords suggests we’re trying…Read more »

Mercury in Gemini – a Gift from the Gods

Today Mercury, the planet of connections and communication, moves into its sign of ruler ship, Gemini, where it remains until the end of this month. We may think we already know all there is to know about connections and communication – after all we’re post-modern aficionados with our iPods and iPhones and of course… there’s…Read more »

Today and Tomorrow are Seven of Cups Days

With the sun still in Gemini (ideas) and the moon moving to Taurus (desire), the tarot card for today and tomorrow is the Seven of Cups. On a divinatory level, the Seven of Cups represents an emotionally charged situation where we’re overwhelmed with possibilities–faced not only with the challenge of choosing but also with acting…Read more »