Category: Myth

  • A Myth for Leo – ‘Whom does the Grail Serve’?

    By realistically confronting his failures, Leo too can learn that the Grail serves those who are transformed in its pursuit.

  • A Myth for Gemini – coming to grips with the good and the bad twin

    Such is the fate of Gemini. He is always juggling himself and shadow.

  • Astrological oppositions & the Gateway to the Garden of Eden

    What I’m going to do is split every single one of them into two halves (regarding Zeus’ solution to the overambitious human androgynies, Plato, Symposium) Astrological oppositions are dynamic.   They pull us off balance to catch our attention.  They force growth.  They require psychological projection, conflict & challenge, confrontation, and finally (hopefully) compromise.  Apparently there […]

  • In the Image of The Father

    Western men are seriously threatened by rational, intelligent, and well-educated women. As Medusa, we are conquerable; as Athena, we are not.

  • Existentialists & Freedom of Choice – The Great Aquarian Myth

    There isn’t an immediately obvious connection between Aquarius and existentialism, but please – hear me out. Ruled by the opposing forces of Saturn (status quo) and Uranus (breaking new ground), Aquarians are  faced with impossible choices like those highlighted in the myth of Prometheus. Prometheus was an altruistic demigod with the gift of foresight.  Seeing […]

  • Tatterhood – a Norwegian Fairy-tale/original drama

    Tatterhood (A Norwegian Fairy-tale) / original drama by Debra Moolenaar   Players: Daisy (D)– the beautiful daughter Bella Dona (BD)– the ugly daughter with her goat and wooden spoon Queen Jessamine (QJ)– the Queen Pansy (P) – the maid Christmas Eve witch (CEW) ___________________________ (continued – previously, encouraged by her maid, Pansy,  Queen Jessamine ate […]

  • Saturn/ A Myth for Capricorns

    Like the author and lecturer Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myths), I’m a firm proponent that myths express archetypal motifs that play a huge role in human experience. Further, because I believe that we are in large part unconscious of the power myths exert in our lives, I advocate making a special effort to understand […]