Category: Psychology

  • Karmic Dilemmas

    Whether you believe that karma is about actual past lives or something more along the lines of what your higher self (or soul) wants to work on during this lifetime, this is my take on a few astrological considerations.

  • Dreamland

    But according to Liz Greene, the Jungian analysts, at the base of each and every dream is something churning away in our psyche that is trying to break through into consciousness.

  • The name of the game is shame?

    I don’t know about you, but I often worry about whether by taking poor decisions, I might be making myself bad karma. Mind you, I’m not even certain what karma is, much less how it might work but I’ve always been told that ‘what goes around does come around’ and for the most part, that […]

  • The art of the mini-holiday

    Even if you can’t afford to take the entire weekend ‘off’ , you can still carve out a piece of the weekend to be fully in the moment, savouring a fun activity.

  • The Art of Persuasion

    For success in any meeting or information exchange, the following four steps are essential: Build trust and rapport with your audience and thus set the scene to your advantage. The quickest and easiest way to build rapport is to assume that you already have it. Simply imagine that the persons with whom you’re speaking are […]

  • The Art of Communication

    we can each process only 5-9 chunks or nuggets of information at a time and so we use ‘metaprograms’, or unconscious filters, to ‘select’ them from the shower of stimuli we receive. These patterns run behind the scenes in our brains, so automatic that we usually don’t even realise they’re there

  • The Daemon of Carl Jung

    In Plato’s Republic(The Myth of Ur), souls cue up to choose their next life and are assigned a daemon – an overseer for that life. In classic astrology, daemon could be determined using one’s natal chart and as the result, it was incumbent upon the individual to establish contact with (or invoke) his or her […]

  • The Benefits of Magical Thinking

    21 million Americans suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia or fear of Friday the 13th. Yet, according to a 2008 Dutch study, Friday the 13th is statistically safer than other Fridays because people either choose to stay at home or those that do venture out, take more care than usual.      Yesterday, I was privileged to attend a lecture at […]

  • When’s your Mid Life Crisis?

    Astrologically, the timing of your mid-life crisis is about as predictable as it gets. After all, they’re generational transits and you’ll share them with many others. But how each of you choose to handle this time differs widely. Some view it as a profound opportunity while others see it as a terrible loss and some, […]

  • Why is making constructive change in your life so hard?

    Backstory – six months ago, as the result of some coaching, you’d identified some unprofitable behaviours you’d concluded needed to be changed. To be honest, you’d not really thought much about this kind of thing before but some people’ (including your best friend, your spouse, and your boss) had been increasingly complaining that when things […]