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  • Character & Calling (Part 2)

    Character & Calling (Part 2)

    Have you ever had a close call with death maybe inattentively ready to step off the kerb into the city and be hit by a passing taxi-cab only to have a complete stranger pull you back from the brink?

  • Character & Calling (Part 1)

    Character & Calling (Part 1)

    So how is it that we can take our own measure and profit by it? Stay tuned and maybe together, we’ll find out!

  • The Year Ahead

    The Year Ahead

    Maintaining integrity is the key to getting through 2021 in one piece.

  • Beliefs and Propositions

    Beliefs and Propositions

    To make matters worse, a ‘truth’ or ‘fact’ can change often over time. For example, when my mother went to high school in the 1930’s, it was a ‘fact’ or ‘truth’ that the atom could not be split, end point.

  • A Study in Existentialist Philosophy (Part 12)

    A Study in Existentialist Philosophy (Part 12)

    As children of the Enlightenment, we are also more or less programmed to look to the past and the future to discern what went wrong and how we can make it all ‘better’. With such focus, we skip over the realities of today, not the warm, fuzzy today for which we ought to express gratitude, but the cold, hard today, which as the Existentialists have tried to point out, is the necessary lot of the embodied man.

  • What might we expect this weekend?

    What might we expect this weekend?

    Put disruption together with leadership figures and messages as well as crisis, fear, and uncertainty and at least we know what to expect. The next step is to figure out how to identify the silver lining inherent in the cloud and make the best use of it for everyone involved with some tips from experts from crisis management.

  • Growth & Expansion

    Growth & Expansion

    Think along the lines of the growth/expansion of a tumor – or even the coronavirus – that may ultimately kill you.

  • Ms S gets a new friend, Part II

    Ms S gets a new friend, Part II

    Should this happen, it could leave both parties feeling emotionally drained. Another potential problem is that whilst one person endlessly gives (in this case, most likely it would be Ms S), the other person (Mr T) might endlessly take. If this dynamic remains unchecked as the relationship progresses, it could well prompt Ms S (the Moon person) to become increasingly more possessive – demanding more and more attention.

  • Crisis & Collapse / 2020

    Crisis & Collapse / 2020

    Now comes the turning point – although the proverbial writing may have been the proverbial wall for some time in regards to an upcoming change to our domestic situation, we can no longer ignore it.

  • When the ‘sun is spent’…

    When the ‘sun is spent’…

    One of the perennial philosophies asserts that only in eternity (i.e. God, Plato’s forms, Aristotelian essences) can constancy be found. All else is subject to mutability, change as the result of time. In Book Eleven of his Confessions, St Augustine questioned time in relation to God (the stable Truth) and His creation of the temporal world. […]