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  • Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed & What It’s Doing to Us

    In the western world, you have a duty of self-improvement – to be authentic, competitive,  thin, attractive, and (among many other things) coiffed and couture. But did you realise that all the standards to which you aspire are culturally determined, even though you are meant to believe you developed them yourself? Worse, you’re so intent […]

  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

    Once, I knew a Belgian ‘white’ witch who had been a powerful (hereditary) black magician. At the height of his powers, he could kill a man just by looking at him, or at least so he said. Sounds a bit much but I believed him – not the least because he had a Pluto Square Mercury […]

  • Neptune/Mars = Angry Impotence?

    A friend of mine has a Mars/Neptune conjunction in a wide square aspect to his Sun. Most of the time, we get on very well and after many years, I can honestly say that he is a good man. However, in our more difficult moments, I’ve rightfully called him a bully – one who knows […]

  • What’s your Dharma/ Career path?

    In your astrological chart, the MC or Mid-heaven marks the highest point that the Sun will reach on the day that you were born. In this respect, it represents the point for which you’re always aiming –  call it what you like – dharma, calling, vocation, and/or personal path to enlightenment. The energy symbolised by […]

  • Apologies and T-Square…

    Recently, a friend told me how she’d hurt her back after a difficult week. Not only had she been exasperated with her aging mother but she’d had a nasty argument with her partner. Playing the astrological angel, I relayed ‘important’ information about how transiting Neptune was setting off her natal T-Square – Saturn (backbone), Moon […]

  • Today and Tomorrow are 3 of Swords Days

    With the Sun in Virgo (critical) and the Moon in Aquarius (wilful), today and tomorrow are Three of Swords days. Three stands for past, present, and future, Three is behind manifestation, Things do come in threes. With the Three of Swords, that which has been set in motion in the past has come to fruition […]

  • Karmic Dilemmas

    Recently, a client  has suggested that certain behavior patterns she recognizes in herself, somehow feel ‘fated’. This prompted me to dust off some work that I’d done on karmic ‘stuff’ a while ago. Points for initial consideration: General shape of the natal chart – looking for empty spaces (i.e. quadrants or hemispheres rather than single houses). […]

  • Dark Shadows (aka Saturn)

    The client’s chart upon which I’m now concentrating has Aquarius rising. This means that the chart ruler is Saturn, which is now undergoing a bit of a battering by transiting Pluto. In keeping with this challenge, I thought it useful to revisit how Saturn fares in each of the twelve signs and houses. The following […]

  • Date with Fate & Water Houses Planets

    I’m currently doing a chart for a client who not only has lots of planets in the 8th house but also a key planet in the 12th. Hence, I thought it useful to revisit symbolism associated with the ‘water houses’ (4th, 8th, 12th) – the following comes from a lecture given by Liz Greene for […]

  • Solar Return for Ms K 2016-17 / Be Careful!

    The Solar Return chart gives a brief snapshot of a 12 month period (birthday-to-birthday).  Such predictive techniques are necessarily short and sweet giving you, the client, the chance to fill in the details for yourself. The following is for Ms K’s –  2016-2017: You’ve been busy thinking not only about others but also how your […]