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  • Mars in Libra – Might Debate & Indecision Give You a New Lease on Life?

    Throughout August and the first half of September, Mars – planet of fast-paced action – is in Libra. Mars is a mover and shaker.  He doesn’t  plan ahead.  He goes after what he thinks best for him at the moment and works out the details (if at all) later. But in Libra, Mars is forced […]

  • Today & Tomorrow are Knight of Cups Days – Savour your encounters as you would a fine wine

    With the sun in Cancer (emotional responsiveness) and the moon in Gemini (curious and cerebral), today and tomorrow are Knight of Cups days. The tarot Knights are all movers and shakers – always mounted on their steeds.  They all have places to go albeit some will get there faster than others. The Knight of Cups […]

  • The Sense of Zen – Venus in Leo & The Relational Self

    Until Saturday (10 July) at about noon (GMT), Venus, symbolising love and relationships, will be transiting Leo where she is best summarised by the tarot card, The Queen of Wands. Contrary to popular belief, Venus isn’t so much about love for others as about love for ourselves.  In astrological psychology, Venus points to our feelings […]

  • Learn to Let Go – It’s a Four of Coins Day

    With the sun in Cancer (bonding & connections) and the moon in Taurus (acquisition & self-gratification), today and tomorrow are Four of Coins days. On a divinatory level, the Four of Coins warns against holding too tightly that which for the sake of everyone, it would be better to let go.  On a Four of […]

  • Survey your bounty – Today is a Three of Wands Day

    With the sun in Cancer (containment) and the moon in Aries (entrepreneurial spirit), today is a Three of Wands day. On a divinatory level, the Three of Wands implies initial completion of some important project or idea.   The foundations have been laid – the first feedback is positive – there’s promise and potential – but […]

  • Mars in Virgo – a time to be whole

    For most of June and July, the planet Mars (action) is in the zodiac sign of Virgo (wholeness through service) – making this a time to work and play with purpose. Not just any old purpose, mind you, for the challenge of Virgo is to be of service not to oneself, but to the whole of […]

  • It’s a Four of Cups Day – Beware too much of a good thing

    With the sun in Cancer (feelings) and the moon in Pisces (divine discontent), today and tomorrow are Four of Cups days. On a divinatory level, a Four of Cups day signals a time of dissatisfaction, boredom, and perhaps even depression.  This can play out in any area of our lives, but no matter where, what, […]

  • Coming up soon – Page of Wands Days

    With the sun in Cancer (creativity and feeling) and the sun in Sagittarius (intuition and optimism), Thursday and Friday are Page of Wands days. The Page of Wands represents inspired inspiration in its most fragile form. There’s a stirring of possibilities that we know may, in the end, not work out at all. This often […]

  • Today is an Eight of Cups Day – one big soppy mess

    With the sun in Cancer (emotions and roots) and the moon in Scorpio  (death or transformation), today is an Eight of Cups day. On a divinatory level, the Eight of Cups suggests the necessity of giving something up.  Some sad truth must be faced about something or someone.  No further action can be taken.  We’ve […]

  • The Summer Solstice and the Portal of Mortals

    “Today is the summer solstice – the longest day of the year.   From here we start the long, slow slog to darkness, which culminates at the winter solstice when the sun does its annual ‘about face’ to again, favour us with its warming rays. As markers of our seasons, the solstices have long been the […]